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Some news

There is possibly going to be a meeting with the birthmom tomorrow to see what her decision is.

Please pray for her.  I know this is very difficult for her.  Please pray for her peace in whatever she decides.  Please know Chris and I will also have peace, because we know it is in the Lord’s hands.



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OH, I MISS VANESSA AND D’JOUNELA!  Okay, I just needed to say that really loud.

I pray that the girls and their birthmom are safe and that they have food.  Will you pray that too?

The wonderful parents that we traveled with in October to Haiti are there now seeing their children.  They are also there to grieve the death of yet another precious child, who just passed away.  Will you please pray over this too?

You can follow  a few of their stories here.  I’ll add them to the blog roll.  Please go visit their blogs.


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Sad news from Haiti

We just learned that the birthmother came back to the orphanage and took the girls back.  She said she still wanted the girls to be adopted by us but was heartbroken over the death of the twin and that she wanted the girls with her for a time.

We were told that they wouldn’t be able to spend time with us at the hotel on the parent trip, so…

We’re very sad.  I know the Lord will work this out.  After I’ve spent some time in prayer, I’ll write more.  We were so happy at the thought of seeing them again on the parent trip, now, I just hope we will get to see them again at all.


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Sunday and Haiti

I’m still trying to keep Haiti in my title… so, today is Sunday, and it it reminded me that if we are able to go on the parent trip, we will spend a Sunday there.

We also wanted to celebrate the girls birthdays!  Vanessa will turn 5 on Jan. 20th.  Originally I thought she was turning 4.  Makes her all the smaller… 23 lbs. at 5 years old.  D’Jounela will turn 3 March 1st.

Wouldn’t it be so great to give them pretty wrapped presents to watch them open!!



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Haiti in January

We received word that there is a tentative parent trip set for Jan. 27th through Feb. 2.  Chris and I would love to see the girls again of course.  As well as give them a week of nourishment and a week in our arms.

We’d also like to file the paperwork we weren’t able to last trip…

Again, we need your prayers.  Would you please pray for guidance and provision?  Thank you.


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New photos from Haiti

Can I share some photos with you?  I’m so glad to have every photo from Haiti that comes across my email!  I wasn’t expecting these and what a great surprise!  I’ve stared at them since I got them last night and I know I’ll continue to stare at them, studying their faces and praying for them.


Can you see the story of her life in her eyes?



Look at D’Jounela… she’s sitting unassisted.  Isn’t that wonderful!  And she’s eating.  Yeaaah!

Can you see the difference in D’Jounela’s photo in the blog header and this one?!  Her cheeks actually look a little more filled out!!!




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Our Journey to Haiti


Our journey to Haiti has been one full of God’s provision through people.  So many friends, family and people we haven’t  met have given towards the cost of rescuing our orphans.  Through this giving God has completely supplied!

We are overwhelmed, overjoyed and eternally gratefull by this generosity!  People have sacrificed, worked, and prayed to help rescue our orphans.

We are humbled and we say…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  Again and again, thank you.


Chris and Melissa

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