Sad news from Haiti

We just learned that the birthmother came back to the orphanage and took the girls back.  She said she still wanted the girls to be adopted by us but was heartbroken over the death of the twin and that she wanted the girls with her for a time.

We were told that they wouldn’t be able to spend time with us at the hotel on the parent trip, so…

We’re very sad.  I know the Lord will work this out.  After I’ve spent some time in prayer, I’ll write more.  We were so happy at the thought of seeing them again on the parent trip, now, I just hope we will get to see them again at all.



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10 responses to “Sad news from Haiti

  1. R And R

    We are sorry to hear this. So you are you still going to go on the trip? R and I are not going I do not know if you knew this. But we will keep you in our thoughts. I also wanted to say how great your girls look. I have been reading your blog but i did not comment when you posted the pics of them. If you do go travel safe. Take care R and R

  2. petersonbunch

    Hey Guys,
    No, we were told that they wouldn’t be able to be with us. We don’t know when or if she will bring them back to the orphanage.
    Glad to hear from you guys… hope we’ll see you again.

  3. I have been reading your blog for a few months, I am so sad to hear your news, part of me wants to feel hopeful that their mother could care for them, but I know how much love you have for them too.

    I know in international adoption that what our hearts want is not always what God gives us. I am praying for your family.

  4. petersonbunch

    Thanks Kris

  5. Julie

    Wow…I’m sorry Melissa. What a rollercoaster ride this has been. I am praying for you tonight, as well as your precious girls.

  6. petersonbunch

    Julie… thanks, that means a lot to know you’re praying.

  7. Dear Peterson Family,

    We are thinking of you all and praying for you and the girls.

    Pete and Marilee

  8. deanie

    Melissa, I am so very sad to hear this news. We keep your family in our prayers always, as Haiti holds a special place in our hearts; we will be saying extra prayers and asking God to keep his arms tight around your family and the girls. Blessings

  9. I’ve been thinking about this today and I think it’s a really good sign that the birth mother still wants them to be adopted.

    I think too many things have lined up for this to just fall through. D’jounela’s survived too much and with the grant and the opportunity you had to go there and nurse her…. don’t give up yet. God is mighty and there is a method to this madness.

    Thinking about you!

  10. Chris and Melissa, you will be with us in our hearts. We have been thinking and praying for you, Vanessa, D’Jounela and the rest of your family a lot lately. I will miss you very much on this trip! I will be sure to Kiss and hug Vanessa and D’Jounela for the both of you( I hope to see them.)
    With love,

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