OH, I MISS VANESSA AND D’JOUNELA!  Okay, I just needed to say that really loud.

I pray that the girls and their birthmom are safe and that they have food.  Will you pray that too?

The wonderful parents that we traveled with in October to Haiti are there now seeing their children.  They are also there to grieve the death of yet another precious child, who just passed away.  Will you please pray over this too?

You can follow  a few of their stories here.  I’ll add them to the blog roll.  Please go visit their blogs.



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3 responses to “Missing

  1. Chris

    Dear Lord, please protect Vanessa, D’Jounela and the birthmother with your mighty hand. Please supply them with whatever they need to maintain their health while they are outside of the orphanage. We trust you fully Lord. Please be with and sustain the parents of Gracie. I Love you Lord.

  2. petersonbunch

    Thanks Honey.
    I love you.

  3. R And R

    We are with you we miss being there also and hope Vanessa D’jounela are safe and sound

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