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New photos from Haiti

Can I share some photos with you?  I’m so glad to have every photo from Haiti that comes across my email!  I wasn’t expecting these and what a great surprise!  I’ve stared at them since I got them last night and I know I’ll continue to stare at them, studying their faces and praying for them.


Can you see the story of her life in her eyes?



Look at D’Jounela… she’s sitting unassisted.  Isn’t that wonderful!  And she’s eating.  Yeaaah!

Can you see the difference in D’Jounela’s photo in the blog header and this one?!  Her cheeks actually look a little more filled out!!!





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Our Journey to Haiti


Our journey to Haiti has been one full of God’s provision through people.  So many friends, family and people we haven’t  met have given towards the cost of rescuing our orphans.  Through this giving God has completely supplied!

We are overwhelmed, overjoyed and eternally gratefull by this generosity!  People have sacrificed, worked, and prayed to help rescue our orphans.

We are humbled and we say…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  Again and again, thank you.


Chris and Melissa

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Haiti and my Husband

I remembered to put Haiti in my title!  Sorry, I forgot yesterday.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention my husband’s blog, he’s on my blog roll to the right (My husband’s blog) just in case you haven’t checked it out.  He named it Tentstakes and it’s really great! 

And for any one who is looking for a husband’s point of view on having a family with many children through adoption, his blog might help.


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I was going to  try to post this morning, but Noah is already awake.  Lately, as soon as I make it down the stairs and turn on the coffee… boom there he is.  Well, actually, the clock said 5:30, but it’s really 6:30.  I’m not sure what happened to the clock.

Back to the coffee.  It’s funny, I was never a coffee drinker until baby number 5.  Can you guess who that was?  Yes, it was Noah.  Also, you’ll notice, I said turn on the coffee.  I gotta give my husband the credit.  He makes the coffee every morning.  Five days a week.  All I have to do is flip the switch and wait for it to brew.

Well, the coffee is ready now and I need to get started with the day so… hope you have a good day!



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Haiti and Christmas…

I kind of have a goal of putting the word Haiti in my blog titles now hoping more people will stop by and learn of Haiti’s orphans, so… now, what about Haiti and Christmas?

Here’s what.  Are you sitting down?  You sure?

Okay.  We have miraculously received a grant of $5,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to our coordinator who advocated on our behalf and to the family who so generously provided this grant.  We got the news yesterday in an email as well as a personal phone call and I of course was reduced to sobbs. 

How could we be so blessed?!  We were at a stand still without this grant.  Our paperwork was done and in Haiti, but, not moving because of the need for more financial provisions.  But, that is no more!  The paperwork will move and we can know we are getting closer!

Closer to what?

To this…


and this…


I’ve read the email telling us the news over and over and over again.  The title of the email?  It was MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  So, yes, Haiti and Christmas.


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A Love Offering… Tax deductible

So, it’s Christmas and the economy is terrible, but, I want to challenge you. I challenge you to give the way your heart wants to.

Have you ever wished you could rescue an orphan but thought it’s too hard, I don’t have the means, I could never do that, I’m too afraid?  So, you just kind of stuffed that feeling back down. 

Open that place back up again, it is a gift from God to you.  Don’t be afraid, he will not dissappoint you.  You can take part in a rescue of a life, two lives. 

Just think about this… If 50 people gave $100, that’s $5000!  Expenses for adopting an orphan usually range from 20 to $30,000, but when you break it down it’s doable, it doesn’t seem so insurmountable, right? 


So, will you accept my challenge?  Open your heart and rescue. 

One last thing.  I’ve been reading about Jesus’ birth of course, it’s Christmas.  I’m always struck by Mary’s answer to the angel when he tells her she will give birth to Jesus.  What a challenge she has facing her.  Being a virgin, promised in marriage and now pregnant.  But, she says to the angel… May it be to me as you have said.  I love that!  Wow!

Below you’ll see some concrete ways to help from an earlier post, as well as an address, should you chose to help with your tax deductible donation! 

Concrete Ways to Help 

  • Donate directly to adopting families. Cash will help them with adoption and travel costs, and gift certificates will help them to furnish their child’s room, choose clothing or provide for other needs they have for their new child.

  • Take love-offerings at church for families who are adopting.

  • Hold fund-raisers such as a garage sale, spaghetti feed, carnival, car wash, bake sale, babysitting, can drive, newspaper drive, candy sale, and so on.

  • Donate frequent flier miles to a family who has to travel to adopt.

  • Have an “orphanage shower” or collections box, providing the needed donations of new children’s clothing, toiletries, and medications the family will need to donate to their child’s orphanage.  On top of a large, mandatory, cash donation to their child’s orphanage, they will probably also need to take supplies to help the children who remain there. 

  • Tax deductible donations can be made to  A CHOSEN HOME  with Peterson on the memo line and addressed to 440 28th Avenue Lane NE, Hickory, NC 28601

  • haiti-029

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I never thought


I sure do miss this girl!  Can you see that smirk as she covers her eyes?  Think she was getting tired of getting her picture taken?!

When we got back home, I never thought I would miss Haiti… the girls, yes, but Haiti, it was hard. 

So much devastation, poverty and lack of everything and no one who seemed to care for these people was gut wrenching to me.  To face it was tough.  To live it daily, I don’t know how they are able. 

On the flight back, we were sitting near several missionaries.  They were talking together about the places they had been and the work they had done.  Then I heard Haiti mentioned.  One missionary asked the others if they had been, but they replied no.  His reply… he’d been, but he would never go back.  It was the poorest place he’d every been and he said it was the poorest place on the face of this earth and he could never go back there again.  I felt his pain then, but going back through some of the photos, I started missing Haiti itself… hmmm.

Will you continue to go to the Father on behalf of the girls?  Please, pray for his power to be displayed!

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